Where Has The Time Gone?

Question: If you had four and five extra hours during the day, or even in a week, what would you do with that extra time to grow your business or professional wealth?

You may say, “I don’t have that kind of extra time.” Maybe.  Then what could you do to find that extra time?  Get up earlier?”  Stay up later?  Stop writing?  No more speaking trips.  Stop doing the little things of running my business, like paying bills, taxes, networking or invoicing.  Hire twenty people to do these things.

Let’s look at these for a moment.   There are only twenty-four hours in a day.  You are already up by six, up until midnight.  In-between you are trying to be a good mother, father, son, or daughter.  A social life, I don’t’ think so.  Stop writing and speaking!  This is how you pay the bills, you have to write. You are passionate about writing.  You already ignore the “little” business things, almost to the extinct that they are becoming “huge” business things.   You don’t have the money to afford to hire enough people to do it all.

Thus far we have found reasons (dare I say excuses) for not having the extra time.   OK.  Let’s fantasize for a moment.  Someway you have found the extra time in the day or week or even the month.  It miraculously appeared.  What are you going to do with this extra time?  Think hard.  Extra strategic meeting with my mentor.  More writing, create new products and content for your current clients prospective clients, attend educational seminars and training.  Get that coaching certification,  mentor the business classes at the local high school.  Read those books that are stacked up on the nightstand.  Do that volunteer work you always wanted to do.  And the dreams just keep on coming.

Bottom line there is so much you can do with this elusive extra time.  So where do we find this precious commodity  that is called time.  There are several ways to free up the time or even just use your time more effectively.

1) Work twice as fast.  Not too smart.

2) Work half as much.  Get half the results.

3) Build a team.  More resources allows for more time.

Question:  Who should be on the TEAM? Building the proper team takes time.  You have to establish the responsibilities of the team, whose going to manage the team, and the financial feasibility and of supporting your team.   Whether you team is one assistant or a full-time team of twelve, the end result should always be the same.  Your team is an extension of you, your business, your brand.  Your team can make your business fly or help it crash and burn.

In this case know your WHY and your WHO.