Negotiating Services

Common Sense Negotiating

Common Sense Negotiating (CSN) is a practical approach to the negotiating process that is used everyday by everyone.  CSN teaches that any successful negotiation is relational and never adversarial.  By using the skill sets that one has already developed, and along with simple conversational techniques, anyone can have a positive negotiating experience.

“Who Needs Common Sense Negotiating?”

Common Sense Negotiating can be used in diverse business settings.  (just a few listed here)

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals
  • Sales Teams
  • Customer Service Teams
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Account Receivables and Collection Departments
  • Buyers and Purchasing Agents
  • …and any other business owner or manager who makes important decisions.

Common Sense Negotiating can be a great resource in personal relationships such as… (no psychology used here just Common Sense)

  • Spouse Disagreements
  • Children “Discussions”
  • Neighbors Deputes
  • Car Purchases
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Loans Applications and Re-fi
  • Debt Consolidation
  • So, So, Sooo Many More

“How Can I Get Common Sense Negotiating?”

As a half or full day workshop the content along with participant interaction and input, provides a solid foundation for the negotiating process.  CSN can also be customized for individual and group needs.  Regular group trainings reinforce the workshop material and adapt it to specific industry and business settings.  As a mentor and coaching system,  CSN can be used as a resource for the business or individual who has ongoing negotiating needs.  The techniques can be taught, supported or implemented as specific needs arise.

The saying goes that anything can be negotiated.  Whether this is true or not, it always depends on the circumstances and the negotiator.  Common Sense Negotiating supports the idea that by using simple proven processes, strong systems and common sense communication techniques, one will always have the ability and confidence to negotiate anything…and WIN!

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