Let Freedom Ring!

As we enjoy our July 4th weekend, let’s take a few minutes away for the grilled hot dogs and burgers, the parades and fireworks and from floating down our beautiful rivers.  I suggest we use this time to celebrate our nation’s past, acknowledge where we are in the present and pledge to set attainable goals as to how “We the People” can effect positive changes in our future and the lives of others.  Not one of us was an American founding father in Philadelphia signing our “Document to Freedom”.  Yet everyone one of us has been given the opportunity to receive those “Benefits of Freedom” bestowed upon to us some 250 years ago.  Today we are given multiple opportunities to be strong leaders and anointed followers in America’s “Divine Freedom.”  We are free to worship (or not) as we choose and to say what we choose. (Within reason) The question is, “how are we going to sustain these “Opportunities of Freedom” in future?”  Each of us has to answer for ourselves. This is not a political or social statement, just one person’s thoughts on the sustainability of our freedom. Take the time to thank God for “Our Freedom”; “The Freedom” that can never be taken from us or taken for granted.

God Bless America, and every other nation on this earth!