I am enough, just as I am.

By William Sparks Smith


I am enough, just as I am.

Unfinished, Imperfect

Uncertain of the road I choose.

Yet, certain that I must continue.

I cannot go back


I am not enough for some

And too much for others.

I struggle with myself

I wrestle with fear

I avoid the parts of me that are dark and unavoidable


Yet I want to hide no more

I am alive.

I know because I feel

In my eyes

I am damaged, hurting, healing

And in need of improvement

But in the eyes of God

And in the place where grace abides

I know I am enough

James R. Carson is a teacher, facilitator and advisor whose dynamic yet common sense approach to success and growth has been presented to and implemented in the educational, faith-based, business, and personal settings. His ability to “see things as they are and to do things as they ought to be done” is the foundation and core of his Common Sense Teaching. James is the author of “ABCs of Business Gardening” – a mini eBook and “Profit Through Customer Service” an online business training.

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