Let Freedom Ring!

As we enjoy our July 4th weekend, let’s take a few minutes away for the grilled hot dogs and burgers, the parades and fireworks and from floating down our beautiful rivers.  I suggest we use this time to celebrate our nation’s past, acknowledge where we are in the present and pledge to set attainable goals as to […]

I am enough, just as I am.

By William Sparks Smith   I am enough, just as I am. Unfinished, Imperfect Uncertain of the road I choose. Yet, certain that I must continue. I cannot go back   I am not enough for some And too much for others. I struggle with myself I wrestle with fear I avoid the parts of […]

How to Keep Your Customers Smiling

When your customers leave your business and return to their “real” world, wouldn’t it be great if you knew for certain that they would be doing business with you again because they had just received the ultimate customer experience.  Doesn’t it make sense that these loyal fans would immediately go out and tell everyone they […]

Do You Have a Wealth Team?

Dictionary.com defines a TEAM as a number of persons associated in some joint action: a team of advisers. We call them your Wealth Team.  Who do you need on your TEAM? The creation of your Wealth Team is the most important yet under discussed subject in business circles today. No matter how talented or committed […]

Where Has The Time Gone?

Question: If you had four and five extra hours during the day, or even in a week, what would you do with that extra time to grow your business or professional wealth? You may say, “I don’t have that kind of extra time.” Maybe.  Then what could you do to find that extra time?  Get […]

Do You Have a Business or Hobby?

So what makes something a business or a hobby?  Let’s take a look. Why are you in business? Is it just for you or are you looking to make a bigger impact? Is your business just about you? Did you just want to work from home so you could have freedom/flexibility in your day for […]

Does Your Business Need Help!

(lyrics by The Beatles) “Help”, “help me”, “I sure could use your help”. These words may be the hardest words that an entrepreneur or business owner will ever say.  No one likes to ask for help.  We want to be able to do it all, to be in charge, to be independent and control our […]

What’s Your Plan?

Every year people make New Year’s Resolutions, or establish goals that they would like to accomplish during the coming year. Decisions to lose weight, begin a new business, make more money or start a new hobby are commonly made every year. Often these goals are set or reset by the same people year after year. […]

The 3 R’s” of Business Ethics

Like to enhance your reputation as an ethical business person and team member? One of the best ways to do that is by focusing on – and mastering – “The 3 R’s”: The first “R” of business ethics is RESPECT. It’s something that must be applied to people, organizational resources, and your environment. And it […]