“Business should not be this hard!”

Says every business owner every day!

Running your business is hard enough all by itself. You don’t need help in making it any harder. Keep it clear, simple and profitable.

Get the help you need from Common Sense Teaching.

Today’s business owners face more challenges and opportunities than ever before. Yet, without the resources and experience of a board of directors, a top-level executive team, or even a personal sounding board for advice, the sheer volume and complexity of options can often leave a business owner overwhelmed and unfocused.

Even the best company leaders don’t often have a team to help them step outside of the day-to-day operations and work on the strategies and prioritization to keep them growing in an easily manageable and profitable way.

Common Sense Teaching provides today’s business owners with collaborative solutions for gaining and maintaining the clarity and focus to grow their businesses to the next level.

Sounding Board

Enlist the services of a Chief Advisor who can serve as your personal sounding board and provide the ongoing feedback and guidance you need as you work to implement your strategies.

Common Sense Audits and Action Plans

Too often, business owners have great ideas for how to move their businesses forward but don’t have true employee buy-in or operational procedures and training in place to implement properly. Common Sense Teaching can provide an affordable audit to evaluate your situation and determine where and how to use effective training solutions or external expert resources to make your ideas a working reality.

My Board of Advisors

Do you have your very own MBA? Gain an unfair advantage over your competitors and make your business all it can be – by enlisting a My Board of Advisors (MBA) that is comprised of peers at the head of non-competing businesses. Through monthly meetings, you’ll gain the wealth of literally hundreds of years of experience and insight as together, you provide advice and guidance to each other.

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